It’s That Time of Year Again

By Lynne Bahrami, BANA President and Horse Lover

While walking around the neighborhood this morning I noticed that the air felt a bit different. Slightly crisper, albeit still hot and humid. I soon realized that summer is slowly coming to a close and that my favorite time of year, fall, is fast approaching. Fall means many things to me, the change in the weather, trees putting on a show of color, going back to school, Halloween, and my birthday. Recently, fall has also meant new things in the Burch Avenue Neighborhood, most noticeably new neighbors.

While many people have lived in the neighborhood for many, many years, there are a number of individuals, students, and families that tend to move in during the early fall. Whether this is a coincidence or in preparation for the school year, I don’t know, but I wanted to share some of the wonderful things about the Burch Avenue Neighborhood and the Burch Avenue Neighborhood Association (BANA) to both our new and established residents.

In addition to the newsletter, BANA also maintains a website,, has a listserve on which residents discuss favorite CSAs, soup delivery, free stuff, community events, and neighborhood gatherings, has a parents listserve for parents in the neighborhood, a social events committee to plan wonderful community events and activities, and a garden group for individuals with garden plots. If you would like any information on the BANA groups or would like to join, please feel free to email, or follow the instructions at the end of this newsletter.

One new project that BANA is building involves Block Ambassadors. A Block Ambassador is an individual who has offered to be a main point of contact for each block in the neighborhood. This point of contact is happy to answer questions about logistics of the neighborhood (cable internet, garbage collecting, yard maintenance, etc), keep an eye on a house if the occupants are out of town, and be an intermediary with law enforcement if necessary. If you are interested in becoming a Block Ambassador, or need to know if your block already has one, please email

Also, as the fall continues to come upon us, please continue to foster the wonderful community feeling that I get by living in the Burch Avenue Neighborhood by chatting with your neighbors, planning a porch party, or by volunteering for a BANA sponsored event.

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