Local Business News

As I mentioned above, Grub (at the corner of Gattis and West Chapel Hill St.), owned by neighbors Wendy Woods and Stacy Poston, is now open. Drop by to sample some of their delicious grub. I hear rumors that some of us neighbors want to plan a regular neighborhood rooftop get-together.

Bring your Own Bowl/Mug to Local Yogurt and Joe Van Gogh

Local Yogurt also recently opened, and neighbors will be delighted to hear that you can bring your own bowl and have it weighed before you dish up your yogurt, so your local business support can be even more sustainable! I hear Joe Van Gogh is also open for business—who wants to go for coffee?

Have you tried Willi’s Pepper Sauces?

I recently had the good fortune of stopping by Willi Woodbridge’s Pepper Sauce Shack at 916 Burch. His flavors are fascinating, and range from mild enough for my kids to so hot you’ll need something very cold to chase it with. His 1-to-6 heat scale is fairly accurate. I recommend you start low! Do stop by when you see his table out front; if you like hot sauce, you won’t be disappointed.

Movement Classes

Saturdays from 10-11:15am
The Wellness Station (on Academy Rd)

Dear neighbors, I’d love to see your friendly faces at the Restorative Exercise class I teach every week. Restorative Exercise classes help you build a strong and more supple body, and are especially useful if you spend all day hunched over a keyboard or ferrying small people in cars. Check out my website www.dynamicwellnessnc.com for details.
Thanks! Larissa