BANA Tee-Shirt Design Contest

By Lynne Bahrami

Are you creative and skilled? BANA needs you!

At the January, 2016 BANA Meeting, we discussed designing a neighborhood tee-shirt to create community and raise some money for our many events and investments (Halloween, National Night Out, Community Garden, etc).

Please submit design ideas and sketches to me by the end of February, 2016. My email is

Your design may be used in our tee-shirt!


January 2016 BANA Meeting Notes

By Caroline Asher

We discussed many important topics at our January, 2016 BANA Meeting! Below are the highlights.

  • Artstigating: Special guests Amy Sarno and Sam Miglarese from Duke attended to share an exciting new project “Artstigating.” This project connects Duke arts students in community art projects, connecting art and activism. Amy asked for the neighborhood’s support in a project at the Art’s Annex (at the very end of Gattis, behind the old laundry building), perhaps to paint murals on the building and decorate the satellites. Neighbors attending the meeting were enthusiastic. Kay Alexander (BANA Board member) volunteered to help and serve as a liassion back to BANA. Keep an ear to the ground for more coming soon!
  • Duke Community Affairs Semi-Annual Meeting: Lynne Bahrami (BANA President) will attend the January meeting of leaders representing the neighborhoods surrounding Duke. This meeting is convened by Duke-Durham Community Affairs and provides an opportunity for leaders to share priorities with and get updates from Duke. Neighbors discussed better maintenance (landscaping and lighting) around the Art’s Annex and old laundry, supporting a sign for the neighborhood, safer sidewalks at Swift and Main, and support for the community garden. Lynne will report out at the next meeting.
  • Fundraising: Early brainstorming ideas around items for fundraising included tee-shirts and bumper stickers. BANA will hold a design contest– please read more about the contest here!– in which neighbors should submit designs that will be used for the teeshirts.
  • Newsletter: Ideally the newsletter will be distributed over the first weekend of the month. Annie and Lucas will continue to work on content and design. Please help by submitting content and helping distribute letters. Contact to help out!
  • BANA Board Recruitment: There are several openings on the BANA Board up for vote this April, 2016. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Lynne at  Mark your calendars for our Spring Annual meeting & potluck on Sunday, April from 4-6pm.

Next meeting will be at 7pm at Tuesday, February 9 at the Durham Co-Op.

Give to Others this Year

By Noam Barak

Hi neighbors! This is your new neighbor Noam at 912 Burch. I am a 7-year-old boy. I am bringing you this letter because I am helping an organization called Backpack Buddies. I want your help by leaving a bag of food on your front porch. I can only take foods that are shelf stable items (for example canned tuna, granola bars, breakfast items). I will come by on Thursday, December 24th between 2:00 and 4:00pm.


Editor’s Note: Noam lives with his mom Meytal, dad Mickey and little brother Liam. They just moved in and are already fitting right in!


Thank You, Neighbors, for a wonderful 2015

By Annie Thornhill

As many of you know, I have the honor of organizing some of our main social events for the Burch Avenue Neighborhood Association and working on our newsletter. This year has been a fantastic year for coming together as neighbors both formally (at these social events and BANA meetings) and informally (chats at the Co-Op, sitting on porches, walks together, watching our dogs wrestle). I truly love how we come together to share stories, help each other, and work together to keep Burch Avenue Neighborhood a funky and close-knit community.

THANK YOU to the neighbors who have helped make these events happen this year, by leading out in front (Larissa, Lynne, JJ, Caroline, Hilary, Charles) and making so much happen behind the scenes (Barry, Alex, Rachael, Mark, Girija, Kristie, Richard, Andrew). Thank you to those who keep delivering newsletters month after month (Betsy, Caroline, Larissa, Barry, Rachael, Jenny, Rebecca). And a special thank you to Lucas Rowe, my newsletter co-editor!

The things we do are small things– organize a Halloween game, spend an hour formatting a document, dropping newsletter on neighbors’ porches, adding $10 to the budget for more toys– but without you, these events and these postings would be hollow.

Next year I will roll off the BANA Board and I will likely play a smaller role in organizing these events. I am looking forward to seeing these events evolve and improve with new leadership and energy. I hope these good volunteers will keep pitching in and many more of you will join their ranks.

Maybe it’s true that good fences make good neighbors (and we WILL be replacing our fence in 2016!) but I think it’s generosity that actually makes good neighbors.

Thank you neighbors, for your generosity! You make  it so easy to be your good neighbor.

Welcome Baby Wilder

By Annie Thornhill

Welcome to Baby Wilder, newborn son of Lynne Bahrami and Ankoor Shah (Burch Avenue). He is healthy and strong and Lynne is recovering nicely. You may see them on walks through the neighborhood in weeks to come. Welcome Wilder!